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Schick Xtreme 3 – Interview

Hey everyone, the White Supremacist Factory is hiring!

What the fuck is going on here? First of all, is this a job interview or an opportunity to join a group suicide? Are those the former leaders of this cult? Will I get to meet them when I get to Xenu 7?

Let’s break this down: Aside from breaking Equal Opportunity Employment laws by apparently only interview white dudes, this company also only hires bald white dudes. Talk about the top half of the 1%. But that’s not even the biggest problem with this shit ad.

Moving past the fact that this office building sells razors, magazines, and NOTHING ELSE in its lobby, how long are we supposed to believe it took him to shave his face and head with a non-electric razor? When I use an electric razor on my face it takes me at least ten minutes and my face isn’t even clean shaven. I also leave a tremendous mess. Did he clean up after himself, or leave that to the lowly janitor (who is DEFINITELY a Hispanic stereotype)?

He apparently has enough time to do all of this, without missing his interview. Of course, I’m assuming this is an interview. It’s just as likely that the old man holding court is simply looking for a fresh young bald man to absorb his youth and continue living forever. Maybe it’s for the best this isn’t a EOE company.