REDD’S Apple Ale – Domino Effect

What sporting event is this? Why was no one cheering for the other team allowed in? Why did that guy ask “what beer?” when he clearly only had REDD’s Apple Ale on him? The answers to none of these questions and more after you re-watch this commercial a hundred times.

It’s hard to decide which of these people is worse off mentally. One knows he wants a beer, but has no idea what he wants. The other is selling only one beer, but still acts as though he’s walking around with a fully loaded cooler. Let’s start with the pusher man. He’s being blatantly and overtly deceptive by advertising his wares as “Beer here!” He has one option, that is barely beer, and he still leads these easily confused lemmings towards an unexpected fork in the road. Only it’s not a fork, it’s a path towards a REDD’s Apple Ale and a field of poison ivy. I guess that is a tough choice.

Also, why do these people only realize they want a REDD’s Apple Ale after being hit in the head? Are they just wishing for the head hunting to stop? Should they really be drinking alcohol when they may have just been concussed by flying fruit? Probably not, but this salesman doesn’t care. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Just look at the reaction speed when an apple comes barreling towards him. He’s in cahoots with whoever is chucking apples, and he won’t stop till everyone is concussed and drunk.