Time Warner Cable – Elevator Music (feat. Kevin Nealon)

1) I have no idea why this is called “Elevator Music.” Time Warner already had a commercial based on this, and it was a thousand times better than this heap of trash.

2) Time Warner is still not a company anymore.

3) This whole thing built on a bed of fucking lies.

No built in price increases? Do you mind if I fact check this? And by fact check, I mean go to your website and look at prices as though I’m a new customer? Hang on, give me a second….

Hey that price looks pretty okay. But wait, why is “months” notated?

Uh, what exactly are these retail rates that are definitely higher than these advertised rates and appears built in to the price? Let me check the terms and conditions at the bottom for details…

What the fucking fuck you non-existent pieces of shit? Somehow, you continue to be the absolute fucking worst even while not existing.