Candance Gosch Is A Cunt

Candance Gosch is a cunt
Candance Gosch, or Candy as she is sometimes know, is a cunt.

Cunt [kuhnt]: noun Slang: Vulgar. A contemptuous term used to refer to a woman. Or a term used to refer to a contemptible person.

For libel sake, here is my soundproof argument as to why Candance Gosch is cunt-emptible. I was hired by Stage 1901 as a Security PA in May of 2011. I worked there for nearly two months, amassing over 1200$ in wages and only received a fraction of that pay. I ultimately brought her to the Labor Board where the case fell through by a legal loophole of not showing up to court. Seriously, thats all you have to do is not show up and you can screw anyone out of wages. Cunt, Candance Gosch, is the reason Hollywood gets a bad rep for using and abusing people. She screwed me out 1200$ and therefore is a cunt. Need more proof Candance Gosch is a cunt? She even asked me to drive her daughter, Honor Brooke Gosch, home. What kind of mother lets a complete stranger take her daughter home? A cunty mother, that’s who.  My hope is she has a google alert for her name, a complete cunt thing to do, and “Candance Gosch is a cunt” appears in her inbox. I am not in anyway suggesting you do this but if you so feel inclined to call her a cunt you can email Candance Gosch yourself at candy@infamousfilm.com and infamousfilm@gmail.com. Call her at (310) 663-4940. Or write her a letter at 135 Waterview St, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

In conclusion, Candance Gosch is a cunt.I will write more on the whole experience later but for now this was rather cathartic.

I always assume the double play. #IntrovertAbroad #WRtB #BlitzkriegPop #Draftcast