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Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year

ExplainAIDS Presents: Traditional anniversary gifts by year. No matter the anniversary year we got the gift suggestion for you:

1st Year: Paper
2nd Year: Cotton
3rd Year: Leather
4th Year: Jewelry
5th Year: Candy
6th Year: Passive Aggressive
7th Year: Nothing, because you forgot.
8th Year: Have a kid to save the marriage.
9th Year: Ivory
10th Year: Stay together for the kids.
11th Year: Lace.
12th Year: Tin.
13th Year: Stay together for the kids.
14th Year: Stay together for the kids.
15th Year: Stay together for the kids.
16th Year: Divorce.

7 Interview Tips The “Experts” Won’t Tell You

ExplainAIDS Presents: 7 interview tips the so called “experts” won’t tell you.

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early.
  2. Look professional.
  3. Do not appear desperate.
  4. Follow the golden rule.
  5. Do not talk about Fight Club.
  6. Do not expose the Mogwai to sunlight.
  7. Do not eat one hour after the interview.